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2009-04-20 21:11:36 by Slippery-Nipple

Happiness is all there is, in her
Smiles ablaze
Heart of fire

A fire so bright it blinds
But I don't need vision to see
Beauty is not limited to sight
I'll look on

Maybe I'll wear this on my sleeve
Ha, maybe

I slap it on my sleeve
Like a name tag
"Hello, my name is : Great Intentions"

Entering the battle field
Instantly seared by embers
Embracing the boils and scars

Vanquishing my fears
I confront her

"Hello, my name is : Fraught With Disappointment"

My sleeve smolders and I persevere.

> I'll post more eventually.


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2009-04-20 21:16:32

hey, damn man your pretty good, lol i need to start writing again. was this writen to a real person, or was it simply self inspiration?

Slippery-Nipple responds:

Thank you :D

This is written about someone, but not TO them. Essentially, just a confrontation with a girl that never physically happened.

That is what it means to me, but it can mean or represent anything you would like, that is what poetry is, perspective and interpretation.


2009-04-20 22:21:44

:D Really Good Stuff. You did a nice poem, when I use to try and write poems I had to go into the thesaurus for ideas of what to write about, you seem to of wrote that right from the heart. I like it

Slippery-Nipple responds:

Thank you

Yeah, I guess it was from the heart :D