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2009-04-25 16:00:17 by Slippery-Nipple

So, I live in Keizer Oregon and there is this group called The Keizer Art Association. Every month to two weeks, they hold an art show at the local heritage building, which I happen to live a street away from :D

There is finger food and lots of art. Mainly from the high school, but there is also quite a lot of work by older folks as well. This couple of, I want to guess, about 40 years makes these collages together and they're pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm going to their next one on the 8th. I have been to the last two, but only put my work up for the last one.

Oh, I have been trying to find a coffee shop or somewhere around here that holds poetry jams and such. I found one, but the guy who organizes them recently went through heart surgery, so he hasn't been able to do so since then.

So, art shows and poetry jams in the future. Hopefully my muse will come back to me soon.

Now, something interesting.

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