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2014-01-05 18:31:07 by Slippery-Nipple

I'm dead.

2009-07-28 16:28:11 by Slippery-Nipple

100% truth.


2009-07-05 15:47:24 by Slippery-Nipple

I haven't been here in a long time. Well, I lied, I HAVE been here, but only to show some friends Stamper's work, but other than that, yeah.

Anyway, I have drawn shit, but either Ive given it away or I can't be bothered to scan it.

If you want to read my pubescent rambles, go here...

Mainly go there when I'm intoxicated and write about my feelings. I suppose it is better to write them, than to bottle them up, or to complain.

See you again, maybe.


2009-05-12 16:21:40 by Slippery-Nipple

I'm boring.

Neat stuff.

2009-04-25 16:00:17 by Slippery-Nipple

So, I live in Keizer Oregon and there is this group called The Keizer Art Association. Every month to two weeks, they hold an art show at the local heritage building, which I happen to live a street away from :D

There is finger food and lots of art. Mainly from the high school, but there is also quite a lot of work by older folks as well. This couple of, I want to guess, about 40 years makes these collages together and they're pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm going to their next one on the 8th. I have been to the last two, but only put my work up for the last one.

Oh, I have been trying to find a coffee shop or somewhere around here that holds poetry jams and such. I found one, but the guy who organizes them recently went through heart surgery, so he hasn't been able to do so since then.

So, art shows and poetry jams in the future. Hopefully my muse will come back to me soon.

Now, something interesting.

/* */

P(iss)oetry #2

2009-04-21 23:57:11 by Slippery-Nipple

Interpret, perceive, and influence.


As I monologue the good man
I am smothered by the dusk

Comply into the frozen earth
I call this ditch

The chill hardens my skin
I am drowning in the mud

The warmth of my heart
Melts the ice
And I stand
Echoing strife

At the bottom
Of this hill
The dirt crumbles

I climb this hill
I climb it well
Vengeance radiates
I emulate the sun

Each step
A nova of warmth

I reach the top
I am the top

My strife echoes silently
Assume the position
Of the ridiculed

I am
The dawn


2009-04-20 21:11:36 by Slippery-Nipple

Happiness is all there is, in her
Smiles ablaze
Heart of fire

A fire so bright it blinds
But I don't need vision to see
Beauty is not limited to sight
I'll look on

Maybe I'll wear this on my sleeve
Ha, maybe

I slap it on my sleeve
Like a name tag
"Hello, my name is : Great Intentions"

Entering the battle field
Instantly seared by embers
Embracing the boils and scars

Vanquishing my fears
I confront her

"Hello, my name is : Fraught With Disappointment"

My sleeve smolders and I persevere.

> I'll post more eventually.


2009-04-19 02:03:05 by Slippery-Nipple

There isn't much to say, really. Just going through life, parties and strifes. As any other vessel of life, I have my problems, things on my mind, and fond memories. I persevere as any other strong soul. The fire in my heart is far from an ember, it is a blazing inferno.

/* */
I'm debating on posting my poetry here or not. If you would like to see it, please say so.

Interesting shit

2009-03-22 19:29:22 by Slippery-Nipple

Blockhead - Daylight

/* */
Arts the Beatdoctor - Decreasing Daylight

/* */
Aesop Rock - Daylight

/* */
Arts the Beatdoctor feat. Pete Philly- All Of Us

/* */
Saul Williams - Talk To Strangers

/* */
Listen, perceive and interpret.

Vaginal cheetah blood

2009-02-19 20:42:19 by Slippery-Nipple

Getting a tablet soon.

Going to start animating asap.

First thing I'm doing is a music video.

Most likely with this song...

Mirah - Apples In The Trees

"There should be no hesitation when the coast is clear
You got a right to slide right into place when the end is almost here
So you think you got some rotten deal
What a way to compromise
It's a long long way before you get to claim that final prize
Looking at that sorry face i can recognize the fear
But if you keep on looking up at night the stars will all appear
See there's food for me, there's food for you
There's gold that's in the air
There's oceans deep and wide and there is love beyond compare
There's apple in the trees
Let's take all that we need
We know what we believe
There's hope for you and me
My eyes can almost see
If you fight 'til you're free
You don't have to wait until you die "